McG Media LLC –who has leased space at 38 Jackson Street for 34 years–created the 38JacksonFire.com site because the voices of the two tenants who were killed in the fire, not to mention the 50+ businesses who were tenants at the former Chambord building and their employees have not been heard.

These business owners and artists–many of whom have been in the building for decades–have been treated with utter contempt and disregard by the owners of the complex–the Taurasi Group–since the fire on December 20, 2021.

Instead of helping those impacted regarding when they can access their spaces and assess damages for insurance purposes and planning for their businesses’ future, on December 23, while the fire still raged, the Taurasi Group submitted a request for a special meeting with Hoboken’s Historic Preservation Commission regarding demolishing 38 Jackson Street and starting new construction. Instead of any empathy toward their tenants,  the Taurasi Group scheduled a special meeting for Monday, January 24th to push forward their construction project.

After a protest on January 21st that confronted the ownership/developers and ended up at Hoboken’s City Hall, Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla canceled that January 24th meeting.  As of January 23rd, tenants are awaiting news about when the mayor’s office and the owners will meet with the tenants to address their demands.

The stories presented here are from other tenants/businesses affected by the fire. 

For more information, contact: bill@mcg-media.com

Historic Chambord Building in Hoboken Explodes in the Night, 2 Bodies Found


This morning, the City of Hoboken’s Office of Emergency Management sent out an alert asking people to avoid the southwest area of Hoboken due to an active fire at 38 Jackson Street. The Hoboken Fire Department was also on the scene.

Around 12:45AM Monday, we received a message from Diana of Revival Vintage, whose business had been on the same block.

“Chambord building just blew up! Huge fireballs out the loading dock on Jackson and out the back into the park,” she shared with Hoboken Girl. “It shook our building like an airplane was landing on us — right before the fireballs. It was insanity.”

According to the announcement, no injuries had been reported so far. But as of Monday afternoon, it was reported that two victims’ bodies had been found in the building.

The Hudson County Regional Arson Task Force is responding to a fatal fire at 38 Jackson Avenue in Hoboken in which two victims were found during fire suppression activities by the Hoboken Fire Department. More information to follow.

— ProsecutorSuarezHCPO (@HCPOProsecutor) December 20, 2021

“Jackson Street between Newark Street and Observer Highway, Harrison Street from Newark Street to Paterson Avenue, Paterson Plank Road from Congress Street as well as Ravine Road are closed due to vehicular traffic at this time,” the City of Hoboken shared this AM.

Dan spoke with us and shared additional photos and his first-hand account. “Thought a freight train was coming into my bedroom last night. The explosion was huge.”

38 Jackson Street is a large industrial building housing many businesses inside, including CrossFit Hoboken, Casa Klado, Muneca Mullins Studios, Intrepid, Naturalist, and more.