Chestnut Field DBA Tea Kitamura

First, for the two lives lost…we humbly offer our prayers. This has been a tragedy and we hope they and their loved ones are able to find peace.

We would like to take a few minutes to share our story as one of the small businesses impacted by the fire and its aftermath.

Spanning over fifty years and four generations, Kitamura Tea Farm has established itself as one of Japan’s most respected producers of organic single origin green teas. And it all started with founder Chikaji Kitamura’s vision to grow tea that would be safe enough for his future grandchildren to drink.

No pesticides, no chemical fertilizers. Just pure, organic tea gently cultivated to nurture the mind, body, and soul.

It has been the honor and privilege of Tea Kitamura to introduce this family business to tea enthusiasts outside of Japan. With our office at 38 Jackson as the operations base, our tiny but mighty team has dedicatedly worked to make these aromatic teas available in the US while sharing the legacy of Kitamura Tea Farm.

Though our office was spared fire and water damage, the event has still set us back tremendously. Our inventory, equipment, and other supplies remained inaccessible for over a month and have all been permeated with the smell of smoke, rendering much of it unusable.

For every day that we are not able to carry on with our operations, our small business takes another hit that undoes all of the hard work we’ve put in over the years. We are losing sales and profits, letting down customers, and missing out on marketing and business opportunities. For a small business, these are losses that are difficult to recover from.

We hope that everyone affected will be able to see their way through this and that all of our voices will be heard.

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