Elevate Creative Space

I had a recording studio (Elevate Creative Space) on the 5th floor in the building. The conditions of the room were horrible which I fully renovated.
I installed a new loft, doors, flooring, framing, walls, insulation, sound proofing, ceiling, windows and lighting which amounted to over $18,000 in construction cost. I also gave the hallways of the whole 5th floor a paint job to give it some life.
With no elevator, I carried construction equipment and materials up an 88 step hike which were steep due to the 14 foot ceilings on each floor.
I took an abandoned room and made it state of the art. I added exceptional sound, tvs, art work, work stations, speakers, microphones, interfaces, desk, video and music editing equipment, MacBook Pro laptop with plenty plugins and daws which all amounted to over $25,000 in studio equipment.
Being in the music industry, a good location, comfort and quality equipment is what’s need to perform at a high level. This is why I made the 5th floor my home and put as much work as I did into because I believed I would spend years there.
Attached are a few photos. Unfortunately, they are not too good quality because my laptop is in the room. These are photos from IG.

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