Grayscale Studios

“This has been an extremely big pill to swallow. I started this business 5 years ago as Paulo Salud Studios. Two years into this journey, I transformed the studio into Grayscale Studios, a 1000 square foot creative/photography/videography/multipurpose studio available for hourly and daily rentals for the community. Three years later Grayscale Studios has been a home to many creatives.
I want to thank EVERYONE who has ever been a part of this journey. From those of you who have invested time, money, and advice into this venture, to those who wanted to give a helping hand in anything we needed,  to the community of artists who used this space to create content and birthed Grayscale Studios as a rental space for the community, and to anyone who believed in this vision. I especially want to thank the Grayscale Studios team ( new and old ) for putting in hard work and providing Grayscale Studios with a heartbeat.
Grayscale Studios unfortunately is now forced to shut down, due to an unexpected fire. We pray for the 2 lives that were lost. We also pray that all the entrepreneurs and small businesses that were also affected keep their heads up, and to keep pushing for a better future.
We humbly decided to create this go fund me, with hopes of being able to raise funds for our staff, as well as the relocation and rebuilding of a new creative space for the community. While we are still in the dark as to what transpired and why, the goal is to not let this keep us down. In order to make this happen, we need your support.
Words cannot describe how overwhelmed we are with the amount of love being poured during these difficult times. To be honest, it is the one thing that has kept us smiling and hopeful. During the pandemic, it has been a challenge keeping the business afloat. However, with the help of community members and partners, we have been able to work alongside one another and create some amazing content. Grayscale Studios would love to continue to provide a home for its flourishing creatives, but this can only turn into a reality with your continued support.”

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