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Hello everyone,

On Monday, 12/20/21, a devastating fire stripped away from a dream that we have worked day and night to build for the past 20 years. The Hit Gallery Studios has been a creative space where artists, producers, and engineers from all backgrounds have come together to create artistry that gives back to the community. Please consider a gift to help us on our path to rebuilding The Hit Gallery Studios. While many things are still unknown due to the building being inaccessible, relocation is imminent.

Hoboken is a melting pot of diverse, eclectic individuals, and this tragedy saddens us. We have dedicated our time and blood, sweat, and tears to providing a space for creatives to feel free. Your thoughtful contribution will aid us in rebuilding and relocating The Hit Gallery Studios. We believe we owe it to our community to provide a space where individuals can continue to express themselves freely. Thank you so much for being so supportive through this challenging time. While this journey may be long, we are confident that the future for The Hit Gallery Studios is bright.

Our GoFundMe Page.

Below we have attached a link that captures this tragedy courtesy of

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